Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome.

Hello and welcome to you, the delightful individual who has chosen to frequent my blog! A blog, which as the name suggests, is a delve into the cultural sphere we find ourselves in today as I try to unpick, critique, find my place in and delve into the “Art World”.

“How to make it in the Art world” was a title coined from the utter shite, and limited advice, I found through a trawl on google. Where all that came up when I searched for expertise on how to find a hook within the art market, art world and mainstream cultural sphere of modern day society, was brilliant pearls of wisdom such as “visit an art fair”. 

As a young and aspiring artist, feminist, and not yet graduated art historian. I am taking  the freedom to voice my opinions online, to create this blog. A veritable mismatch of;

  • reviews
  • lil essays
  • critiques 
  • & my art work 

As I aim to explore this so called “Art world”. An epitomised ideal for every young and aspiring artist. An image which brings to mind; a large studio in Camden, mingling with the great artist of today and most importantly having your art recognised within your lifetime.

However, as ever within all spheres of society mother-fucking elitism, sexism and a lack of diversity are always lurking around the corner. So just how easy is it to take a step in the right direction, and just how accessible is this microcosm?

I’ll be honest, at this point I have very little clue. But hey, this what this virtual space is for! A chance  to voice my opinions, experiences and involve myself within the most accessible route into publishing my artworks- the internet.

So please stick around, contribute, question and criticise whatever this mismatched train of thought is. And who knows, I may have a fucking epiphany and I’ll be on the walls of the Royal Academy in no time.

Livi x 




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